Tuesday, August 30, 2005

August 30th 2005

Monday morning we were pleasantly surprised to hear from Mrs. Medina, she said that her and the girls were in OKC. They arrived at our house shortly after.
They set to work upon arrival, and boy, did they ever WORK. Their cheerfulness and their diligence spurred us on, and we accomplished a lot while having sweet fellowship and lots of fun! Thanks for all your help Mrs. Medina, Kathryn, Victoria and Elizabeth!

The Medina's helped us tear off siding, clean up the yard, wrap the front of the house in Tyvek, clean up, clean up, and clean up, secure the 80 year old ship-lap to the side of the house on one side, and make dinner too!

Mrs. Medina, (who is afraid of heights) working like there's no tomorrow!

On The Roof

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