Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday nights

Ahh... It's the end of the week.. All the craziness, all the stresses, all the pressures and deadlines are set aside and forgotten by the time I pull in the driveway.

Dad's manning the grill while the Kaylee and Heidi dance around, playing whichever imaginary game they're into today. I'm greeted with enthusiastic "Hi's" from every direction.. Tiffany and Charity are working on a piano piece in the church with the doors and windows wide open, and the kitchen is a hive of activity.

It's so nice to kick off my shoes and drop my purse on my bed. Justin and Becky were lounging on the couch before I came in, but now Justin's up and off to diagnose a check engine light in my car.

"Did anyone talk to Will and Nathan? They should be home by now." (This one from Mom)

"I just wish Weird Al would sue Delta Air Lines."

"I still owe you a shirt, Trevor." (This one from also Mom)

"Weird Al also sued Colorado, cause it looks like Wyoming."

"I think you need new jeans." (Yep, you guessed it.. Mom)

Friday night is family night at the Dortignac house. Its a new tradition we're trying out. We can stay in or go out, play games, watch a movie, invite people over or not, eat dinner together or skip dinner and just eat ice cream.

There's really only one rule to this tradition. "If you can make it home, do it."

The older we all get, the faster time flies and the more we've realized that every moment we have together is a gift to be cherished.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Reception (the end to our absolutely PERFECT day thanks to so many friends and family members!)

A fun, "friendly" tunnel into the reception hall!

Announcing MR. & MRS. DORTIGNAC!!

Time to toast! Thanks, Uncle Mike!
(it's 7-up, btw)

Except for ours... Raw milk, baby!

Mmmm, cheesecake with raspberries!

Our drink table... Yes, that's a huge container for it, and yes, we never had to worry about refilling all night long! It may or may not be a water trough for animals with a few upgrades...I'll let you decide that one. ;-)

Joanna sang for our first dance together...I'd say she's such a sweet sister-in-law, but she tried to sing Taylor Swift! (big no-no...) Hence the silly smile she has on her face! ;-)

Father daughter dance... (almost made me cry!) I have such a wonderful father, and am so blessed!
It started out with just me and dad...

Then ALL the father's danced with their daughters!

The crazy mad dash for the bouquet toss!! So quick, it was hard to catch a clear shot!

And then...

The wild rush for the garter!

A balloon drop to send us off to our honeymoon!

To OHIO (Biggest roller coaster park!) or bust!! (I didn't know at the time...)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Pics and Portraits at the Wedding

Both families, now united, together!

The Kalebaugh side...

The Dortignac side...

The kissing generations...

The Bride...

The Groom...

"Oh no! They're kissing! GROSS!"

Photo shoot with the bride and groom...

Monday, October 3, 2011

3 O'clock in the afternoon on Saturday, August 13th...

While waiting for guests to gather downstairs, and pictures to finish up... some were feeling lazy and proceeded to do an ab workout while my flower girls and junior bridesmaids were busy messengers between Justin and I, and daddy got a glimpse of his girl all ready to head to the alter and some final words of wisdom...

A precious, gorgeous gift from Justin...

And then, "It's almost 3 o'clock!! It's almost here, it's almost here! Come on Becky, let's GO!" Came the shouts from mostly the little girls as the time to marry my best friend came closer. Surely excited, I waited for the coordinator to call me down, where I would soon enter the sanctuary walking arm and arm with my dad, to my future.

Chad Johnson did a wonderful job orchestrating the wedding ceremony...

AND the bride and grooms FIRST kiss...
Words from Chad: "...Justin had a very purposeful trip up North, when the Lord prompted his heart when he was going to pursue Becky. He needed to get the facts, as a wise man should, and he came up and he talked to her father and then they (Justin and Becky) had a very long conversation at that restaurant. (It went on for hours...) And they both had lists of things that they wanted to know about one another. And I bring that up because probably at the end of that night, I know you guys left that night much more aware of the desire to know one another better at that point. In our culture, many would've kissed the girl at that moment. But Justin, you were committed to what God had called you in this relationship and you wanted to know her emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so you set that physical aside. You continued to pour your heart into her and her family and getting to know her. On that fateful morning, I believe, on Smith Rock, where so much drama took place, and the story continued to unfold with the help of a lot of friends and dropped to one knee, and you asked her to be your that special way that is so well documented. You, probably at that moment, would've loved to kiss the girl! Yet you said, nope, not yet, we're not ready for that. We're going to continue to grow, so you held that off. I say all this to say that that's neat, the way the Lord has such wonderful things in store the way He does things, and He was leading you, I believe. And He led you in such a wonderful way that allowed you guys to honor him in the way you conducted yourselves along that path. It's a neat testimony to me and a wonderful testimony to His work in your lives. It also makes THIS moment that much more unique and special in His eyes and in your eyes. Because we have performed this wedding ceremony, we have said vows, we all heard them say vows, didn't we? You saw them exchange rings. Therefore, I believe, it would be appropriate and fully a perfect time, would you not agree? For the boy to kiss the girl!!

At least he accomplished what needed to be done, we walked out of there married!:D