Thursday, September 29, 2011

Now for the middle of August 13th, 2011...

Once arrived at the church, everyone got dressed, and some dresses were glued, stitched, and taped to make fit right. By picture time, everyone looked pristine! Names (Left to Right): Naomi Zwonitzer; Allie Kasari; Rachel Zwonitzer; Tiffany Weathers; Alyssa Dortignac; Sarah Jantzen; Merrie Dortignac; Becky Dortignac; Rachel Kalebaugh; Mandy Booher; Joanna Dortignac; Kristi Simpson; Annie Dortignac; Kari Simpson (Bottom row L to R): Heidi Dortignac; Claire Kasari; Kaitlyn Wood; Charity Dortignac; Julia Wood; Kaylee Dortignac

We could see the guys as a big black mass moving from place to place taking pictures as I tried to catch a glimpse of Justin as we drove by the picture site. :) They all looked SHARP. *whistles* Names (Left to Right):Trevor Dortignac; Darrell Gramm; Caleb Naylor; Gabe Booher; Daniel Osborne; Tobin Kalebaugh; Will Dortignac; Justin Dortignac; Nathan Weathers; Chris Dortignac; Jack Dortignac; Mike Dortignac; Rick Dortignac; Tyler Kalebaugh; Michael Dortignac; Caleb Weathers

We had an amazing photographer that was very creative for such big groups. Best of all, she kept us entertained while standing in the beautiful weather shooting picture after picture and still getting a lot of great ones!

While everyone was looking mighty fine... nobody quite passed as the "cuteness factor"... which is where all our little people come in! And they did amazing with the ceremony, pictures and all the attention!

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Gorgeous portraits!!