Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday nights

Ahh... It's the end of the week.. All the craziness, all the stresses, all the pressures and deadlines are set aside and forgotten by the time I pull in the driveway.

Dad's manning the grill while the Kaylee and Heidi dance around, playing whichever imaginary game they're into today. I'm greeted with enthusiastic "Hi's" from every direction.. Tiffany and Charity are working on a piano piece in the church with the doors and windows wide open, and the kitchen is a hive of activity.

It's so nice to kick off my shoes and drop my purse on my bed. Justin and Becky were lounging on the couch before I came in, but now Justin's up and off to diagnose a check engine light in my car.

"Did anyone talk to Will and Nathan? They should be home by now." (This one from Mom)

"I just wish Weird Al would sue Delta Air Lines."

"I still owe you a shirt, Trevor." (This one from also Mom)

"Weird Al also sued Colorado, cause it looks like Wyoming."

"I think you need new jeans." (Yep, you guessed it.. Mom)

Friday night is family night at the Dortignac house. Its a new tradition we're trying out. We can stay in or go out, play games, watch a movie, invite people over or not, eat dinner together or skip dinner and just eat ice cream.

There's really only one rule to this tradition. "If you can make it home, do it."

The older we all get, the faster time flies and the more we've realized that every moment we have together is a gift to be cherished.

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