Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Reception (the end to our absolutely PERFECT day thanks to so many friends and family members!)

A fun, "friendly" tunnel into the reception hall!

Announcing MR. & MRS. DORTIGNAC!!

Time to toast! Thanks, Uncle Mike!
(it's 7-up, btw)

Except for ours... Raw milk, baby!

Mmmm, cheesecake with raspberries!

Our drink table... Yes, that's a huge container for it, and yes, we never had to worry about refilling all night long! It may or may not be a water trough for animals with a few upgrades...I'll let you decide that one. ;-)

Joanna sang for our first dance together...I'd say she's such a sweet sister-in-law, but she tried to sing Taylor Swift! (big no-no...) Hence the silly smile she has on her face! ;-)

Father daughter dance... (almost made me cry!) I have such a wonderful father, and am so blessed!
It started out with just me and dad...

Then ALL the father's danced with their daughters!

The crazy mad dash for the bouquet toss!! So quick, it was hard to catch a clear shot!

And then...

The wild rush for the garter!

A balloon drop to send us off to our honeymoon!

To OHIO (Biggest roller coaster park!) or bust!! (I didn't know at the time...)


Bisceglia Family said...

Thanks so much for posting these. Such fabulous memories are in every shot! I am enjoying looking through these posts.
Love, Kathrina

The Fiala's said...

Wow! While we didn't make it to the wedding, our hearts and prayers were still with you. So it is so wonderful to see pictures!

Thank you SO MUCH!! :)