Saturday, August 13, 2005

August 13th 2005

Ahhh, where should I start?
So much has happened since the last update... I can't begin to tell all of the stories, adventures, games, jobs, conversations...


She worked hard!

Thanks Paul!!!

On Monday, Paul the cabinet builder, left. But not before he built us a dining room table (see picture above) out of scraps in about 1 hour! It's stronger than our table at home too. We'd almost forgotten how nice it was to sit down to dinner together as a family.

On Wednesday the Greers arrived! We've been enjoying working with them. They are trying to leave today, and we are trying to keep them here!

The stairs are looking so pretty!

Stair Masters At Work!

Can you believe we've been sharing one bathroom between 21 people for the past almost week???!!! Yep, that means we haven't finished the other bathroom yet...

One of the simple blessings of this week was when somebody built us a shelf, for some of our tools, with discarded lumber. (All on his own initiative!) Thanks Ben! It's so nice to be able to walk through our living room/garage.

We enjoyed showing the Greers around Oklahoma City. We only made it out late at night though, so they never really got to see the city. But they did get to see Home Depot, the Bricktown Canal, (that was really wild!), The Super Wal-Mart, the State Capitol Building, and Heritage Hills in the dark.

An Almost Midnight Outing.

Entertaining the canal boat riders

The kitchen is not done yet, but almost! I'm sorry I didn't get pictures of it up sooner!

The weather this week has been unbelievable! As soon as our guests arrived the weather cooled down. We'vebeen having thunder storms and rain showers, and wind which got up to 50+ MPH on Saturday. We're not complaining about the cooler temperatures.

We sure miss everyone. Sometimes it seems like this project is going to take forever, but we're learning so much, and growing a lot, and enjoying good family time, and we're grateful for all that this whole adventure has taught us so far.

Chris and Mandy Laying Tile

Trevor, Cleaning Out the Grout Lines

Chef Mom!

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