Saturday, August 6, 2005

August 6th 2005

We did it!!! (By God's grace)

The kitchen was ready for Paul to install cabinets when we picked him up from the airport Wednesday afternoon.
(A quick note about the last post, Paul did not build the cabinets in L.A. He only cut them out.)

It's so nice to have company! We've been learning a lot from him. He's definitely a master at cabinetry! What a blessing it's been to just watch and learn.

Our Livingroom/Garage/Office Note the light fixture!

The Carillos arrived around 9:00pm Wednesday with their moving trucks, which also had our cabinets, granite, all our stair parts that were made by the Greer family. and some other things from California, (thanks to all involved in getting the things from home that we left behind!)

We were happy to see Mr. Callis and Phillip twice this week! (Actually it would be 3 times if you count the time they had to come back to get their cell phone they left behind.) That was a nice surprise! (They were driving one of the moving trucks for the Carrillos.)

By Friday we were ready to start installing the granite. That was quite a project being as nobody here has ever installed it before. Our neighbor came by, who installs counter tops for a living, and said, "All I know about granite is that I stay far away from it! It's way to heavy and fragile." Uh...thanks!

It sure is beautiful! The whole kitchen is going to be soooo nice.

Today the guys finished putting the doors, drawer faces and hardware on Then we all watched as Paul put up the crown molding. Wow! He's so fast. In honor of Paul we went out for pizza, since the kitchen won't be ready to make it before his flight leaves on Monday.

We had more company this week. The Johnsons from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. came by and spent the day with us. We enjoyed showing them the house, and I think they enjoyed watching Paul do the crown molding. It's been so encouraging to visit with friends from home. We're looking forward to seeing many more! One thing in common with all our visitors has been that we have to sing for them, which we really don't mind at all. So if you find yourself in the area and want to hear a song, stop by, we'd love to see you.

Oh, did you know we gave a virtually live tour of the house? Uncle Rick, Grandpa and Grandma saw the whole house Thursday on live video via Instant Messenger. That was so fun! Aww, we miss seeing them.

We thought you'd all be excited to know that we have a sign on the front of the house... (see below picture)
Our "For Sale" Sign

Cutting The Granite

Installing the granite countertops. None of us have ever done this before.

The Johnson Family

Thanks for stopping by!

Now you have it in a nutshell. That's what we've been doing this week. Thanks for keeping up with us!

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