Monday, August 1, 2005

August 1st 2005

1-1/2 days left before...

We are looking forward to having our friend come out from California. He built cabinets for our kitchen and he's going to install them. We plan to pick him up from the airport on Wednesday.

We've been working madly toward getting the kitchen ready for him. Running all the rough plumbing and electrical for the laundry room, bathroom and kitchen, framing out the walls, insulating and finally hanging drywall which we had hoped to do by Friday. Will we make it? Can we have the kitchen drywalled (mudded and textured), and painted by Wednesday?

It will be a huge step for us to get the kitchen done! It'll seem so luxurious too.
Since we completely gutted our kitchen we had to make a temporary one. Here's some pictures so you can enjoy Mom's amazing organizing skills!

We are so eager to finish this whole project. But we are also eager to have God's best. He's deffinitely the One who directs our steps.

We've been extra grateful for the cooler weather last week. What a blessing that has been. A family that went on a mission trip also invited us to use their pool while they were gone. That was nice treat for us Saturday evening.

So much to do... I'd better get back to work. I can hardly wait to see the before and after pictures for the kitchen! And to institute a pizza night here, Lord willing.

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