Friday, October 7, 2005

October 7th 2005

I'm really sorry for taking such a long time to update without even saying a word about it... How ironic that my last email update said that I would try to post some more "tomorrow"!Thursday we celebrated Willie's 17th birthday! We decided to work late so that we could spend Friday at the lake.

We had to go to the lake Friday because we weren't sure if our company that was scheduled to arrive soon, would want to go to the lake or not, and we knew that warm days at the lake were soon to run out! It's been our substitute for the beach, some of us think we like skiing even better than surfing!
On Saturday we went to the Pound's house for a day of fun and fellowship.
Each family that came was asked to bring an activity so there was volley ball, football, a game with little balls that's kind of similar to marbles but on a much bigger scale, it sounds like botchie ball, but I don't know how to spell it, foosball, ping pong, lawn mower tractor rides, and even a horse to ride! (Can you guess which activity we brought?) We've been really blessed by the Pound's friendly hospitality.

Kaylee, on a beast she once feared...

The Martin-Vegue's, or Martin-Veggies, or Martin-Vagues, or Martin-Vaggies, or M-V's, (They said it doesn't matter how you say it!), arrived around 8:00 Sunday morning. We ate breakfast together and then took the bus to Western Hills Church. 5 hours later we left WHC and went sight seeing, first to the OKC federal building memorial, then to the Bass Pro Shop, and last but not least the canal! We had such a wonderful time with them.
They were probably totally wiped out after driving straight through from CA!

Thanks for spending your "vacation" time working with us!

On Monday we worked on mudding the drywall in the dining room, library room, entry hall, and living room. Chris and Tim worked on preparing the few places on the front of the house that we're actually going to paint, while Dad and Mr. M-V worked on the forms for the front porch.
Mom and Mrs. M-V, and some of the kids washed several windows and cleaned the kitchen and prepared the food... We made progress, and had fun at the same time.

Tuesday morning we went to the lake, and even though the lake wasn't the smoothest, in fact it wasn't very smooth at all, Jonathan, Kristina, and Tim all got up on two skis. An awesome addition to the day was when Daniel Pound joined us with his 2 Jet skis. It was great to see even the most timid people lighten up when they saw those jet skis! Thanks Daniel!!! The only problem is we're all hooked now... except Dad.

Tim on a jet ski


Trevor's first time behind the boat!


Wednesday morning dawned and we got a very slow start but we did get work done. It was warm all day until around 4:00pm. The weather changed in about 10 minutes. It's now fall here. Yesterday it was 50 degrees, with wind chill at 45 degrees. It only gets that cold about two times a year in So. Cal.
Around 5:00pm a dump truck of sand was delivered so that we could finish filling the front porch. It took about 20 minutes for us to move all 4 tons of sand to where we wanted it with all of us working together! Then we had a great time playing in the sand... The first real sand we've seen in 5 months!

Half Dome in the sand!

The M-V's left Wednesday night and we've been sleeping ever since. {=^ )
Not really, we did do all the laundry yesterday, and we put on another coat of mud, and mopped some floors, and went to see a master horse trainer saddle and ride an unbroken 2 year old horse while preaching a powerful two hour sermon, drawing analogies between the relationship between him and the horse and the relationship between us and our Heavenly Father. It was so neat, we hope to go again tonight. God really spoke to us through the way the horse was always looking out of her little corral, seeking fulfillment, and peace from the outside, never turning her face toward the one who could help her. How often we find ourselves looking for help, or joy, or peace and contentment from the world, instead of from our Creator! We're afraid that if we yield to His plan it might be different from our own and so we refuse to trust Him. It sure does make things more difficult for us, and for our Master.

We were encouraged to seek His face, and surrender to His will, especially in the area of where we happen to be living. It's so easy to think about "home" in California and how once we get there we'll be totally content...(Which I'm sure won't be the case), but that may be the main reason why God has us here, to break our idol of a "home" and cause us to realize that this world is not our home, it's just a mere speck in eternity, and the more time we're distracted with the thought of it, the less time we spend thinking about our Saviour, and the things on earth which count in eternity. He wants us to rest in the fact that whether here, or in Pennsylvania, or Montana, or Africa, or even California, we are to seek His face and rest in Him. There's a peace and joy in knowing that we're exactly where He wants us to be when we have faith in His promise that, "No good thing will He withold from them who walk uprightly."

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