Tuesday, October 11, 2005

October 11th 2005

Tomorrow is another very special day!!!Today was special too, we finally poured the concrete slab, and steps for the porch! We have a very optomistic plan to paint the living room, dining room and library, finish the trim work and have it all done in time for Pizza Night on Friday. =-D (Hopefully someone will take us seriously on our "open house" invitation!)

Pouring the porch steps

Watching through the window

The Boss

Like I mentioned in the last post, we went to see Lew Sterrett at the Lazy E Arena. We were so blessed the first time we went back every night. We took two neighbors with us, and they liked it enough to want to go again too!We met a family there one night after the program. The Naylors agreed to "trade" songs with us. They sang together, and then we sang. Hopefully we'll get to see them again before we leave. On Sunday we enjoyed the opportunity to sing for Western Hills Church. We were doubly blessed to hear Lew one last time since they had asked him to preach there! He asked if we would come to PN if he could find a house there for us to fix up...After church we were invited to the Linzey family's house. They have 8 little kids, the oldest being 10 years old! We had a nice time visiting with them, playing in their big yard, and singing together.

Lew On Spark

Winning a Rebellious Mare

Nolan (15), and once wild mustang, Bravo

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