Thursday, November 17, 2005

November 17th 2005

November 17th Hey everyone! We're moving... downstairs. We've pretty much completed the work downstairs, except the floors, so we decided to empty out the upstairs in order to work more efficiently. It's going to be interesting living conditions for awhile. :-}There was a weather change here. It went from sunny and warm, to sunny and cold! (Cold to us anyway.) We're so grateful to have a good heater, and a well insulated house!We've been doing school every morning, translated; Bible study, and law and government study... It's been a profitable time for all of us.The other day Dad headed out to rent a drum sander. Three Home Depots later he gave up when none of them had the right sand paper to go with the sander.This happened on the same day that we finally got some more of the white paint we've been using for all the woodwork, when we began applying it we discovered that it was mixed wrong... how many whites can there be???We decided to skip sanding the floors for now. And we're thankful that only one of the three gallons of white paint was bad, so far!Dad took some pictures the other day, and they pretty much sum up what we've been up to. Instead of wasting my time typing, I'll just post the pictures.
Justin, measuring for the window frames

Tiffany, priming door frames

Trevor, putting up glass tape

Chris and Merrie, working in the backyard

Mandy, sanding drywall in the entryway

Chris, building custom window frames

Annie, cutting in on the ceiling in library

Heidi, building custom window frames!

Hey everyone!

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