Thursday, November 3, 2005

November 3rd 2005

November 3rdWe've had a busy week. It's been good.In the last update I mentioned our new friend Wid, who brought us dinner and helped us paint. That was only the beginning! He's come back everyday after that to work with us. We're so grateful for all of the time he's investing into us and our project. Thank you Wid! We appreciate your help!Since last Monday we have painted every single day except Sunday. Sadly enough, it looks like we're going to continue that tradition for awhile yet. It's nice to see the improvement paint makes to the house though!We finally finished the downstairs bathroom, and dining room, except the floor. As I worked on putting up the new pictures on the website, I realized that I had completely run out of space... That's why it's such a late update.

The Downstairs Bathroom

Last Thursday six of the Naylors came to help us work. We were excited to see that by the end of the day we had the library room almost ready for primer. (You might remember the library room as the room we had our temporary kitchen set up in)- it has tons of woodwork, and lots of cut in work. We were surprised to find that we could have fun while scraping paint, thanks to the Naylor's lively fellowship, and hard work!We enjoyed having company for pizza night! That was refreshing to us in a way, we love having people over!On Saturday we helped Wid prime 800+ ft. of fence. It was an interesting job considering the wind, the oil base primer, and the rotting dead cows that the neighbors seemed to keep in a pile toward the end of the fence. Some of us turned pretty white, no, not from the smell, from the primer!We drove straight from the fence painting job to a concert, scraping the paint off of us the best that we could. When we arrived we felt a little embarrassed at our sloppy appearance, but it was nice to see the Naylors again... until they asked us to sing for everyone! (JK, Sage!)It was akward standing in front of everyone in jeans and tennis shoes, and our only sweatshirts we had with us, hands, arms and hair all decorated with the white paint, but we enjoy singing for people, so we quickly forgot about what we looked like... until afterwards, when somebody complimented my grey highlights!

Naylor Family Band

It's definitely fall here in Oklahoma. We can't believe how quickly all the trees are turning colors, losing their leaves, the grass is turning brown, and the weather has a definite change from the summer months. It's so different, and I think it's actually kind of prettyWe're looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us, whatever it may be. It's exciting to be in His service!

We Saw This Sign Out In The Country...

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