Monday, December 19, 2005

December 19th 2005

Decemeber 19th On Saturday morning we said goodbye to Steve and Dawn Anderson. It was fun hosting them. They're so full of lessons and stories learned in over 40 years in the jungles of Brazil. Our elderly neighbors brought us breakfast Saturday morning! The neighbors had wanted to surprise us the night before by ordering pizza and cooking up carne asada, (one of our all time favorites!). But when they saw that we had company they cancelled the order and brought us the carne asada to take home with us. They were so sad to see us leave. What a neighborhood! We're so used to having neighbors who drive home and disappear into their houses... (Besides our grandparents!!!)After our company left we began packing in ernest. We had to stop and enjoy the snow for a while. Fortunately it wasn't too cold, so none of the snow stuck! The Lyman family brought us lunch, and we said goodbye to them{=^( About two hours after they left we were ready to go. We set off at 6:00pm. and drove, and drove, and drove, and drove, and drove... The roads were fine. The bus ran. We had plenty of food and drivers to drive straight through. We arrived here in Whittier 23 1/2 hours after leaving OKC.While driving late into the night, Mandy was talking to Kaylee on the radio...or so she thought!M: Kaylee, do you know where we are?K: We're in TX![pause] Wow, Kaylee's right on top of it...K: Nobody lives in TX!Where in the world did she come up with that idea?M: What!? A lot of people live in TX!!K: Anybody who lives in TX is nobody.No way! Where did that idea come from? She's starting to sound just like her brothers!M: What about John F....? K: Nobody lives in TX except John F...Willie!!! He had been coaching her all along.We're grateful for all of your prayers! The Lord was definitely with us the entire trip! At the last stop for fuel the boys decided to check the oil in the bus. When they opened up the engine compartment they discovered a loose bolt. If we had lost that bolt it could have been a LONG trip home!Grandma and Grandpa brought us dinner, which included 8 whole chickens! While we were cleaning up dinner Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy came to welcome us home! Hmm... let me see, we had a total of 21 people come by last night! The Lystrup family brought us 3 breakfasts, and two lunches worth of food. They also brought us live flowers, and a welcome home banner!
Today we worked on unloading the bus. We actually finished unloading it, and the van, and washed them, and did about 14 loads of laundry, cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, and several dressers, looked at the overgrown yard and sighed, and washed down everything that was in the bus, please don't ask us why we had to do that... And we had company today too!It's 11:35 according to my computer and I'm dead tired.Over and out!

Dad gives the van a bath.

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