Friday, December 16, 2005

Deember 16th 2005

December 16th We've been thrilled to be able to have people over everyday this week, to a house that looks decent and clean! All the work over the past 7 months is paying off! Only problem is, the house looks so nice to us, it's really hard to motivate ourselves to finish all the detail work. We like to just walk around and "ooh" and "ahh" over everything. ;-)Alyssa turned 10 on Tuesday, and Trevor will be 8 tomorrow! The little kids love the spaciousness of the house, there's lots of room to run around inside, when it's too cold to play outside.Tonight we're looking forward to hosting some missionary friends from Brazil.The biggest news of the week is that Dad and Justin listed the house for sale on the internet. Click here to see the add with LOTS of pictures! Anyone wanna buy a house? ;-)We've got some more before/after pictures. It was fun looking at these together the other night!This past week, as we're enjoying the nicest house we've ever live in, we've been reminded to invest in that which is eternal, not laying up treasures on earth... but storing up treasures in Heaven. Think about what you're doing today, and what's it going to profit 10 years from now? More importantly, what's it going to profit for eternity?

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