Monday, August 7, 2006

August 7th 2006

August 7th, 2006
On our way home from Oregon two weeks ago we discussed the possibility of going back up for the Booher Family Music Camp. There was several things that we had to figure out first and it wasn't until about four days before the trip that we were sure we could go. It was exciting to see the way the Lord opened all the doors for us to go! Including things such as putting it on somebody's heart to donate $1,000 towards our whole family going, and prompting a satisfied customer to give us a bonus...
So off we went last Saturday evening. We drove straight through again, very grateful for the bus, and the comforts it provided on the trip. We arrived in good time and watched as hundreds of firemen worked on bringing a huge fire under control that was burning 6 miles from the church that hosted the music camp. The road was closed from there on out due to the fire. There was some talk of the whole town possibly being evacuated but the wind changed and the fire went from being 5% under control to being 30% under control the first night of camp.
Last week we had 110 degree weather so we packed very light for camping. Boy were we surprised when the temperatures got down to the 30's Sunday night! We learned more than one thing this week! (i.e, it gets cold in OR even during the Summer).
Dad and Merrie took guitar classes, Chris took a piano class and Mandy and Annie took fiddle classes. The rest of the family enjoyed visiting, playing and working during class time with others at camp. There was a lot of things to do including indoor basketball, an awesome climbing place nearby, an elk farm across the street to tour, jam sessions to join in on, people to talk with...

Willie, leading for his first time!

L-R, Alyssa, Ruth K. and Charity, and the view at Smith Rock State Park.

Justin, Joanna and Jack enjoyed hanging out while we took classes.

Some of us took off one evening after dinner to go shooting with some others.

Probably one of the highlights of camp was working in the kitchen! We enjoyed washing plates, coffee mugs, bowls and silverware for over 200 people each meal! Or flipping pancakes, scrambling eggs, slicing fruit, baking cinnamon rolls, making homemade chicken pot pie... It's always fun to do other people's work, right?

You can see mom on the far right side.

On one evening they had family band night. It was fun to hear so many families get up and bless others with their music. The fellowship at camp was so sweet. We met a lot of really neat families!

It was a pleasure getting to know the Voetberg family! We're looking forward to hearing them sing in January, okay Mr. Voetberg?

The Engell family from Washington playing a song.

Another night was scrambled band night. Every student, no matter how skilled, or unskilled, was assigned to different groups that were led by the teachers. They had to make an arrangement and perform it that night. Some of the groups were hilariously funny!
Here's a picture of the first bonus performance of the night, and a few other pictures

These guys were imitating their older sibling's band!

A band called "Kitchen Krew" singing, "Hey, good lookin', Whatcha got cookin'..."

Charity's big moment with the famous Booher Bros. Band

Annie (in stage center) with her class during the graduation benefit concert.

On Friday after the last concert there was civil war style dancing for a couple hours, then Chris played the piano while a bunch of people gathered around singing hymns, groups sat around talking and laughing, and we stayed up until well past 2am... It was just too sad to go to bed knowing that it was the last night at camp.

Here's a picture of who was left after 2am.

We set our bus toward home at 2pm and drove straight home with no problems. Tiffany even got her first experience as a bus driver! We arrived home at 6am and most of us didn't even get out of the bus until about 8am when we began getting ready for church. Dad moved the bus so that the Chinese church congregation could use the parking lot. After he moved it he couldn't get it to start again. Today they discovered that something is wrong with the alternator. It was another proof of God's control over every circumstance. He obviously wanted us to make it up to Oregon for the music camp, and he wanted Dad to be here to preach in the morning. After the morning service Dad went to bed where he stayed for the rest of the day with a fever and headache. He's feeling better today thankfully!
We've decided to have pizza night this week and next week since we missed one last week. So if you're feeling hungry for some pizza or fellowship you're welcome to stop by!
"Behold, how good and pleasant it is for bretheren to dwell together in unity!"~Psalms 133:1

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