Monday, April 24, 2006

April 24th 2006

April 24th, 2006
I guess it's official now. We've moved. We now live in our 935 sq ft house. It's a challenge, but it's fun! If you haven't seen our house yet you'll have to stop by. Since moving we have had lots of company.
The other night as we were all getting in bed, Jack and Trevor were hovering around the girls room since that's where all the excitement was happening, (try putting 3 little girls to bed in a room full of bigger girls, all of whom are a little too happy to sleep at the moment). Jack stated that he hopes we don't build a new house. He likes it when everyone is so close, and we're forced to do things together since there's not much room for anything else! "If we build a new house it shouldn't be more than 1,000 sq ft!" He said.
Somehow living in close quarters seems to increase our family harmony.

Heidi turned 2 on Friday!

Okay, so we moved, what else? We don't have internet access at home so we've been finding new things to do with our time in the evenings. One of the favorite pasttimes is playing Dutch Blitz. We've also been finding more time to play instruments, sing, play basketball and volleyball! It's almost like we're on a luxurious extended campout! ? ! ? ! ? (I say "luxurious" because we have an oven, running water and light fixtures, not to mention a private shower!) Oh, and it's definitely a new experience to have people walk through our yard day and night, or pace around the field talking on a cell phone, or walk around our house looking in the windows...
It's kind of strange to think that at this time last year we were wondering if we would ever get to Oklahoma... It seemed like one thing after another was detaining our trip. Now, one year later we've gone and come again, we've completely renovated 2 houses, we've moved from our house of 13+ years and we're looking forward to building another one as soon as we can, which won't be until we get permission from the county.

Laying the driveway at the 2nd house we fixed up.

Time for our siesta

This is how we really work!

If any of you are still wondering about the Creighton family you can read an update on them here.
Pizza night is going to be this Friday! (Again). We'll see some of you there!
Have a great week!
With love,The Dortignac Family
"Unto thee, O LORD, do I lift up my soul. O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me." ~Psalm 25:1-2

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