Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 28th 2007

June 28th, 2007
Introducing #15, a boy!
Arriving around 5:30pm on Saturday the 23rd, with what everyone agreed was Mom's easiest delivery yet, Gabriel Owen Booher joined the family. At 6'3" he makes a record in height for new arrivals around here. We are all just as excited, (or maybe more) to gain the new brother as his family is to gain Mandy as a sister.

The newlyweded couple

Thank you all for coming to share in the most special day of our lives! We appreciate the time and effort each one of you put into being there.
A very special thank you goes out to our parents. Thank you for loving eachother, and for loving us! Thank you for teaching us in the ways of the Lord by your genuine examples. Thank you for all your encouragement and support through likfe. We love you Mom and Dad! Thank you to all of our wonderful bridesmaids and groomsmen. Thanks for being such true friends. You have each impacted us...(in a good way), and we are honored to have you standing with us today!
Thank You:Mr. and Mrs. Tim Lynch, for being our wedding coordinators, and so much more!Mr. Josiah Lynch, for dealing with the trash detail.Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Gramm for running the kitchen! And a big thank you to all of you others who were helping out there.Miss Aimee Weston, for making the wedding cake! And Mrs Meriwyn Thompson for doing the sheet cakes.Uncle Tim and Aunt Sarita for doing the photography! Also Miss Michelle Bracey, Mr Jeremy Naylor, Mr Philip Callis, Miss Eden Callis, and Mr John Fiala.Aunt Elieen, for the countless hours you spent making the bridesmaids dresses!Mrs. Nancy McIntire and Cristin, Miss Bethany Tiss, Mr. Nathan Weathers, Mr. Chris Dortignac, and Miss Annie Dortignac, for helping with the music.1st Jon Outhouse Rentals...yes, thank you...Mr. Paul deGrasse and Uncle Rick, for providing the sound system!Mr. Will Dortignac, Mr Ben Torkelson, Uncle Mike, Mr. Darrell Gramm Jr, Mr. John Naylor, Mr. Jon M-V, for doing the videography.Mrs. Nurys Nunns and crew for doing the doing the decorations, and the Pirelli family for providing most of them! Uncle Hardy and Aunt Sheri Laskey, for providing the wedding favors, and making the flower girl dresses! And more...All the flower crew. You guys did great for a first time!Mr. Parking Attendant, Flashlight Waving, Radio Carrying guy, and crew! We couldn't have done it without you!The list goes on and on, but the program doesn't.
We are so grateful to you for all your services, and thank you from the bottom of out hearts!Love,Gabe and Mandy
Our new address will be:Gabe and Mandy BooherP.O. Box 1969Redmond, OR 97756(541)588-6069Email us!

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