Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16th 2007

July 16th

And we update
We are currently~ doing the dishes. (Well, for the most part. ;) )
"We should've sang this song at Mandy's wedding! 'Well I'm gonna miss her, when I get home! Right now, I'm out on this lake shore...' ""Guys! I'm sweeping the floor!""This is how Jack shoots...""That's what I call bad reception.!""...This is how Justin shoots..."" 'There's a hole in my bucket Dear Lizza, Dear Lizza, There's a hole...' ""Is that the Jazz station?""Alyssa, get the dust pan!"" 'Well than fix it dear Willie, You silly, Dear Willie...' ""...This is how Jon does a lay up...""Is that the radio?""Yep.""...This is how Willie shoots..."hmmm.... :,
The dishes are done now. Someone successfully found the radio station they were looking for. The little kids have migerated to the front porch where they're having jumping contests. Mom and Dad are listening to music in their room. The sprinklers are running. The screen door just slammed. A cell phone is ringing. People are chillaxin'.(?) Mandy's married. Life has, for a couple of weeks -you might say- gotten back into the normal swing of -life. And tomorrow we're gonna start getting ready to spend a few weeks with Mandy and Gabe up in Oregon! Yahoo! ~Back to normal. I don't know why I said "normal" 'cause it's more like new -this swing of life- now that Mandy lives in Oregon. I'd say we'd probably die with out her if it weren't for free mobile to mobile, emails, and a supply of postage stamps! ;) Okay, we'd be sorely depressed. No, God is good and full of grace for us all! I shouldn't talk like that! ~We're very much looking forward to visiting her soon!
Well, that's what I've got guys. So, have a nice evening everyone! And don't forget to enjoy it! :)

~The Dortignacs

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