Monday, July 23, 2007

July 23rd 2007

July 23rd

On the road again!
I can’t believe it’s been one month since the wedding! Life in the D family settled back to ‘normal’ relatively quickly. With lots of help from our out-of-town labor force, ;-) clean-up was a cinch! Gabe and Mandy came back from the honeymoon in time to spend a nice relaxing 4th with us before they headed out to start their new home.
A week later, we packed up the bus and followed them. We left home Thursday night (9PM) and drove through the night. Praise the Lord for causing the bus to run perfectly! The only excitement on the way up happened around 3am when we were involved in a head-on collision at 70 MPH! Don’t worry, we won…
We arrived at Gabe and Mandy’s house right after lunchtime and enjoyed hanging out for a few hours and then we headed to Bend, Oregon for Camp Dwight!

The house is behind the trees

Charity on the bridge in the yard

The girls, making a peach cobbler!

For those of you who don’t know…Camp Dwight is a family camp for ALL ages (and there really are ALL ages in attendance). Once a year, for a weekend, people come from all over the states to enjoy a time of sweet fellowship with other believers! Starting Friday afternoon, the weekend is loaded with activities form good old fashioned camp meetings to volleyball…and everything in between! The best part about the camp is it’s completely free. If you want more information, send us an email.
…ok, I’m done with my commercial… Here are some pictures…

Looking down the hill toward the RV area

Back toward the hill the last shot was taken from...with the Slip-n-slide!

Trevor on the zip-line

Standing in line for the zip-line

Yep! That's mom!

Meeting time

Barn dancing

Lots of good food!

Serving line


So that's the beginning of our vacation...we'll be here for two more week of 'free time' and one week of music camp! Stay tuned for more...


The Dortignac Family

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