Tuesday, June 7, 2005

June 7th 2005

We've been enjoying the beauty of Kentucky. Lots of trees and green.
As you all know, we went to 2 different weddings May 28, one in L.A. and one in KY.

Shortly after the family left the Thompson's house on their way back to Oklahoma, they were driving along, talking about a smokey smell and telling each other that it came from the truck in front of them.

Tiffany wandered into the back of the bus to use the sink and saw a wisp of smoke come through the back wall. She yelled a warning and Dad instantly pulled off the road. The bus was unloaded in record time!

Dad and Chris were at the back of the bus with the fire extinguisher, but not before 2 others who had been watching the smoke pouring out of the back while we were still driving.
A lady across the street, who was having a yard sale, said she saw flames and she went running after us hoping we would stop.911 had already been called by 2 different witnesses before we even knew there was a fire!

The kind lady across the street offered her yard and her house for our family. She even provided lunch for us while we waited for the Thompsons, and Mr. Myers. (The Myers have been a tremendous blessing to our family, we just met them at the wedding.)

The 3 who went to L.A. flew to OK. on Tuesday and were well taken care of by the Pastor and his wife there. They even delivered donuts for breakfast the next morning.

On Wednesday Dad told the threesome to go ahead and head for KY and they arrived on Thursday morning.

After much debate we finally have come to a conclusion of what we wanted to do with the bus, and it should be finished soon.

In the meantime we've been enjoying the Thompsons company, and working with them on Benji's house. (Benji is their oldest son, and he's been building his own house on their property.)

On Sunday we went to the Myers' home church. We had a very special day with them and the other families who were there. We ended up staying all day. And are possibly going to join them next Sunday before heading back to OK.

God is so good, He's been with us every step of our journeys. On Sunday we were encouraged to rejoice and give thanks in everything. Our God is definitely worthy of all our praise!

Fire Damage

Willie in a Cessna 172

Country Mechanic

A view from the diesel shop

What we saw instead of the wedding

"Saviour like a shepherd lead us"

The bus engine started today!!! Then it promptly blew a hydraulic hose...the mechanic says that Friday afternoon will be the soonest he could be done. With many delays caused by rain, indecision and other difficulties, we have been "stranded" in Kentucky for 20 days. The time is drawing near for us to withdraw our feet and get back to work. "Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour's house; lest he be weary of thee, and so hate thee." Prov 25:17 The Thompson's have been very gracious, even going so far as to elude to the fact that it was their fault that the bus caught firebecause they prayed we would stay longer!!! And now, pretending that they enjoy our company to the extent of looking forward to Christmas Caroling with us! Despite the kind considerations of the Thompson family, God seems to be calling us back to the work He has for us in Oklahoma.

Over and over again during these last couple of weeks, the Lord has been showing us why He has been delaying us.

We were blessed by the introduction to several wonderful families:
The Myers family lives about 45 min. from the Thompson's. When the bus caught fire they were summoned for advice concerning local mechanics. Mr. Myers not only had advice, he came to the scene of the fire, secured a tow truck and lent dad a car!

We were the recipients of some very generous hospitality given by two of those families and of course, the Thompson's, with whom we are staying:
On Sunday we were invited to a local "home church", hosted at the Overholt's home, there we received an excellent lesson in Christian hospitality. Then, we were welcomed to the same fellowship last Sunday, this time hosted at the Myers home. We were overwhelmed again by gracious hospitality and another excellent demonstration of brotherly love "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." John 13:35

We were able to assist a young man in his construction company:
Jonathan Myers (24) owns a contracting business. Due to a basketball injury Jonathan was falling behind on his work. Dad, Chris, Justin, Willie and Jack, really enjoyed helping him and his father and brother, on a couple of his projects.

We were able to help Benji wire his house:
Benji had been building his own house on his father's land. When we arrived he was just getting ready to start the electrical portion of his project. We had a lot of fun working as a team to prepare for drywall.

We were able to investigate a local property that some friends in CA are buying:
This is the most amazing of them all. On Monday the 13th, 18 days after we arrived here in Kentucky. We got call from some friends that go to our church. "Are you still in Kentucky?" "You're not going to believe this but, we just bought a house and some land in Kentucky, is it near where you are?" After some discussion we discovered that the Thompson's not only knew where the property was, they knew the family that was selling it!!! Coincidence? I don't think so. God placed us here, if for no other reason, to go and investigate this land for our friends.

Now you and I both know why we are STILL here. These last 20 days would have been agonizing if it were not for all of these awesome opportunities to see God's hand, and to take part in His perfect plan!

Group Shot

Abraham Lincoln's cabin (inside the memorial)

Merrie and Heidi

Mandy and Annie in front of Benji's house

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