Wednesday, June 1, 2005

June 1st 2005

Wow! What a trip!! What a couple of trips!!!

The bus left for Kentucky at 3:00 am Thursday. They had 2 major setbacks but made it to the Thompson's house in God's perfect timing.Despite Mom and Tiffany's sufferings from terrible allergies, they've been enjoying their time there.

The Kentucky Thompson wedding was very nice!
On Monday they set out to return to OKC, (So they could pick us up at the airport on Tuesday). They didn't get very far before a fire broke out in the engine compartment. It took 3 fire extinguishers to quench the flames.

Thankfully we have a roadside service that gives us free towing!

Today the bus is in the shop of a mechanic who really seems to know what he's doing. Since the repairing of the bus may take a few days the 3 of us are heading out to join our family.

It's so strange being split up like this, we don't like it... We've all decided that bus problems are fine when we are all there to deal with it, and to keep eachother company.

After talking with everyone at home we realized that we need to set something straight. It's not that we HATE Oklahoma, we just prefer good ol' southern California, if for no other reason, it's because that's where most of our friends and family live.

Our whirlwind trip to California was very refreshing in a way.

We spent a lovely day, on Monday, with Grandpa and Grandma, Great Grandma O'malley,(What a treat it was to see her again!), Uncle Rick, Uncle Mike, Kimberly and Michael.We hear the wedding was nice, though Mandy was the only one who sat through the ceremony, Justin and Annie had to go help make the salad for 800+ people! (Only reason Mandy stayed was because she was too sick to get up.)

We also enjoyed a special time of fellowship with the Callis family and all the others who were at BBQ night.

And last but not least it was great to visit our church of 15 years... We miss it soo much.

So now you know the next part of our story. We would love to hear about yours!

Ben and Jennifer Torkelson, Congratulations!!!

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