Wednesday, May 25, 2005

May 25th 2005

It's your lucky day! Another update! (Thanks to Miss Judy's encouragement.)

The weather here cooled down really nicely now that we are leaving... We are really enjoying the birds and trees in our neighborhood. We decided to collect all of our pictures of birds and bugs and maybe we'll put some up here for you all to look at.

Today, Dad and the boys worked on making RV hookups. (There's some stories to tell about that...)

The guys have also been doing their best to reinforce 2 major sections of the house that had serious sagging. (More stories!)

Heidi has found her niche. She loves construction work!

At the moment there's a team of 6 people working togther in this nice big kitchen to get some chicken and salmon wraps made up for the road tomorrow.

Sagging upstairs floor

Fixing 1 1/2 inches of sag and rotted out wall/floor

Washing the bus was a fun job in the hot afternoon on Tuesday. The kids had a little bit too much fun.

Check out Jackie's new boots! Instant boots, just add water! and they can't get dirty.

Thanks for all your prayers! One answer to prayer has been the jewel weed that Mom found for poison ivy. If you thought those last pictures were bad you should have seen the rash yesterday. It was twice as bad! (We decided the new pictures were to gross to post here.) After we started applying the jewel weed there has been a marked improvement. PTL!

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