Tuesday, October 14, 2008

These things are fun, and fun is good.

Well, this fun is good anyway. We had fun with the Wylie family, and with Nathan, who took me completely by surprise, showing up a whole day early! Thank you, Nathan!

And we had fun with several of the Gramm family. If any pictures make their way to my computer, I will put them up. Anyway, we now have the outline of our proposed new house neatly carved into our yard! Thank you, Darrell!

And we had fun with Gabe and Mandy home for a few days.

Will turned 20 on the 29th.

And we had fun with the Zwonitzers. The Zwonitzers and the Wylies went with us to have a lot of fun on the Gramm's house (the house no one lives in yet- or anymore). There are some nice pictures.

Again, Pictures, if you can find my computer, I can find you a nice little home on the web.

(Sorry. They're not on my camera. Ehem. I've let mine fall into sad disrepair.)

And now everyone is gone except for Tom Wylie. Nathan is coming soon. And we continue to have fun with the people who come in and out from not so far away.

We're eager to get some concrete into those neatly carved lines in our yard. Siemens is keeping Dad and the boys and Tom really busy. And we're trying to plan a wedding, to boot.

And Chris turned 27 two days ago.

Oh, playing Doubt It on the living room floor last night was really fun, too. I could tell.

Fun days! It's been a good life. And it's gonna be a good life.

Ooh...! P. S. The pine trees all got carted off to the dump, after, I think it was Justin, got the tie-down ropes out of the truck axle. =o And Alyssa cleared out the drain to the kitchen sink. And, I think all of our volleyball lights are working again.

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