Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our last post said something like, "we're back in the blogging world!" But, according to my calculations, and judging by the time that's past between now and then, I'm pretty sure we're back out. So, feel free to read this post, or not. It may be a fake.

So many things have happened since we've posted last that I don't really know where to begin. I think I'll just update you on the big news and the most recent news.

Well, our biggest news would be that, we were all super blest, and excited to get a new brother on December 6th last year! Nathan might have made a record for being the sixteenth child and the oldest child when he entered our family.

Nathan And Tiffany Weathers

I'm not sure what the chicken's all about. He might have been keeping it in his coat incase he got hungery.

We we're so blessed by all of you who stepped in and helped out giving your time, energy, talents and so much more! The whole day was so beautiful to me! Thanks to every one who was able to come and share it with us! To see a highlight video of the wedding, click here.

It was really amazing to see how God had made Tiffany and Nathan for eachother and to watch as He brought them together in His perfect time. God is so good!

Well, that would be our big news.

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