Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 2010

All my blog posts start out the same. I sit down at the computer and describe the sounds and activities surrounding me. Right now I'm trying really hard to be original.

I looked at the previous posts that were in the draft box and decided to post them.. the most recent one was over a year and a half old. =) Hopefully the people who wrote them forgot about them, and wont get mad at me! *shhhhhh!!*

So we just got back from camping at Leo Carrillo with a bunch of friends a couple days ago... And a week before that we just got back from camping at Doheny with the family. It was tons of fun!!

Here are some pics from Leo Carrillo:

Sooo many things to do..

We should make a zip line!

or maybe not

*you guys are weird*

*I agree with Jess*

*What on earth are you thinking Jack??*

Maybe we should go down to the beach instead

Yum yum!

It was love at first sight....

Parachute attempt

Come down here and try to hit me!

Yeah right, like who's the only one who knows illegal ninja moves from the government?

Oh snap, here she comes!


Hmm... soo many choices

I pick these!

Kilroy was here (and now, so were we)

Soo yeah, we had fun!

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