Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taking out the Trash and Tying up Loose Ends.

The wedding was great! The SoCal reception was pretty awesome too! Everybody has worked so hard to make all of this happen, we really feel that Justin and Becky should be filled with gratitude. They probably are. Well anyway, we are.  I know I've been putting up only a very small amount of pictures but I promised more of the wedding at least, and I DO plan to follow through on that. For now we have a few pictures of the SoCal reception scattered at random through this entry. See if you can spot all five of them!

Our family has been in recovery mode for the last few weeks with the exception of the week before the reception. We take about one task per day. Monday: sweep the floor. Tuesday: Clean the bathrooms. Wednesday: Make the beds. Thursday: Clean up the clutter. Friday: Make dinner. Saturday: Take a break. Sunday: Go to church. Monday: Start over.  Okay so it's not that bad, sometimes we sweep mop AND eat all in the same day. JUST kidding. We eat every day.

With all the wedding stuff going on many of our friends have been wondering -some even going so far as to ask or even assume- who's next. Some are sure that it will be Merrie while others stick their necks out pretty far by betting on Chris. A few think that Annie might be the runner-up and a very small amount of nut-cases reason among themselves that Jack might be the one. But I am here to let you know that:

Wait for it........


NOBODY has made or is making any plans to tie the knot in the near future. 

I'm glad we have that settled. Thank you for your kind interest and concern in this matter. :)

Moving on to more important things... 

We are very happy to have the weather in the high 80's and low 90's after at least a week in the 100's. We feel as though we can breath without generating a constant stream of sweat. =D The beach has been our ever constant friend and we've really enjoyed making it out at least once a week. 

And now that all the important and less important information has been covered I leave you with this non-informative blog post that will not teach you anything new or make you think seriously about life. But if it caused you to smile even once, then it was successful. Smiling is good. It makes your face look prettier.  So if you haven't smiled yet, Smile! There, now this blog post has caused you to accomplish at least one great thing. Thanks for reading. :)


Anonymous said...

Justin and Becky sure do look happy! XD

And no, we never smiled. Not through the whole post.;)

Well, once again, we send our love and congradulations to the new couple.

-The Fialas

Dortignac Family said...

Hey Fialas! They definitely do look happy. It makes us happy to see it.

We're very sorry that we failed in making you smile. Perhaps y'all are in serious need of a smiling lessong(?) ;) JK!

Will pass on your love and congratulations.

-The Dorts

Merrie said...

Hmm... We are not the Dorts.