Monday, December 5, 2005

December 5th 2005

December 5th This post was going to be comprised of words and pictures cut in half, thanks to all who responded to my question in the last update! But, fortunately for all of you, (not to mention myself!) one person replied requesting more pictures, instead of half words, half pictures!Happy Birthday to Joanna! She's 12 years old today. We're looking forward to celebrating 3 of the December birthdays on Wednesday at an ice skating rink, thanks to Wid and Izzy Lyman!We're hoping to see snow on Wednesday. There's a 60% chance which means nothing in OK. But we're hoping...

What Wid Lyman does with his afternoon off

We got to see Wid III play again on Saturday

On Monday some friends came over and helped us work all day! We not only had a LOT of fun working with them, we got a lot done too! They came back on Tuesday and spent another day working with us, and we almost completed all the painting, and we installed all the window frames.On Wednesday we had to roll all the walls again. :-( (Don't ask.) And we had to go around cutting in the edges.

How would YOU paint the wall above your stairwell?

Caleb Naylor

Chris cleaning the paint sprayer

On Thursday Dad and Mom set out to buy some laminate flooring. They ordered some, but it wouldn't come in until December 12th. When they got home that afternoon we stood around discussing all the options again. Dad was telling us all about a distressed pine flooring that was the most popular at all the stores they went to. It was selling for over $4.50 per sq ft. Dad has really wanted to try sanding the floors down since the beginning, and now that he'd finally ordered flooring he was able to convince some of us to at least try to refinish some of the floors.

Scrubbing the floors

He rented a floor sander that afternoon and we began sanding away. The sanding was the easy part! What we didn't think about was the hours worth of scraping, scrubbing and cleaning that we would have to do on our hands and knees. It was a LONG two days, since we worked longer hours than usual wanting to get all the use out of the sander that we could. Thankfully Dad decreed that we would carpet the other two bedrooms upstairs.We're thrilled with the finished product!

Don't worry, they aren't that slick!

We spent Sunday in Blanchard, Oklahoma at the Bible Study Center. The Naylor's did a concert in the morning, and we enjoyed a late lunch/dinner with the Wilsons and Naylors afterward. We had a lot of fun playing games, and instruments, and just talking.

Kaylee Jo

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