Thursday, December 8, 2005

December 8th 2005

December 8th Yesterday we watched the sky anxiously looking for clouds. They said it should snow around noon...We were scheduled to go ice skating at noon, so we hurried to get ready and also to clean and apply the first coat on the library room floor.

Looking to the west on our street.

Let's build a snowman!

The beginings of our very first snowman ever!

Ice skating was a blast! And we're all sore as a result, but when asked whether the raw sores on her legs were worth it, Annie replied, "definitely!" I'm sure we'd all jump at a chance to do it again. Thanks again to the Lymans! (What will it take to get you to come to CA?)After skating we walked outside and it was.... Snowing!!! (As I'm sure you can tell by the pictures.)

Uhh... What can I say? Too much fun!!!

The Naylors followed us home from the ice rink. At our house we all thawed out while we played some games and nursed our aching muscles... Later in the evening, Wid and Izzy joined up with us again, and we had dinner and dessert, and lots of fun!

Joanna Alyssa and Trevor in front of a really good dessert!

~Arriving home in the snow!~

Today we did get some work done. We've got the first coat on the dining room floor, and the second coat on the library. We're hoping to finish all the wood floors by tomorrow. Then the only floors left will be carpeted and the entryhall will be tiled. We also got the heater vent duct re-routed so that it's no longer right in front of the front door. Thanks to Justin! (Good job, Justin.)

Heidi Malia

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